Wanted alive

  • Boreal toad

  Bewildered by declining numbers of boreal toads, the Colorado Division of Wildlife is hoping the "help wanteds' will yield some clues. The agency is displaying colorful posters at trailheads and outdoor equipment stores, describing the small toads and asking for the public's help in finding them. Since the boreal toad is uniquely adapted to the high elevations of the Rocky Mountains, wildlife officials say that anything warty found above 8,000 feet is probably a winner. The toads are easiest to find as tadpoles, when they're jet-black and given to hanging out on the sunny side of a pond. As adults, they reach four inches in length, venture away from the water and sport a light stripe down their backs. Those who suspect they've found a boreal toad should make a precise note of where it was located and call the Division's volunteer coordinator at 970/484-2836, ext. 337. Any reasonable lead will be investigated.

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