Help: High Country News' iPhone Application

Q: What is the HCN iPhone app?

If you own an iPhone, the HCN iPhone app is the best way to access our content on the move. The app has been optimised for the iPhone and offers a range of stories to help you stay in touch with HCN content.


Q: What HCN content can I get?

Virtually all the recent content on, including our freshest blogs, the newest opinions from Writers on the Range and essays, news and features from the latest issue of High Country News. Premium content is only available to paid subscribers who can access it by signing in at with their username and password when prompted.


Q: Where can I get the HCN iPhone app?

The iTunes store, or through your phone's App Store icon. Just search for "High Country News." Here is a link to the application on the store:

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Q: Is the HCN iPhone app free?

Yes! The app is free to download. Much of our most recent content is available to anyone through the iPhone app. Some of the content available through the app is reserved for paid subscribers only. Subscribers can access this content by visiting when prompted and signing in using their username and password.


Q: On which devices will the app work?

All iPhones with OS 4.0 onward.


Q: I'm a subscriber. How do I unlock the subscriber-only content in the HCN iPhone app?

Any High Country News subscriber can gain access to the locked content in the app. All they have to do is visit and sign in using their username and password. This applies to both digital AND magazine subscribers.

Please note that your website username and password must be associated with your subscription in good standing.


Q: Does the HCN app include advertisements?

The current version does not have advertising but may in the future.


Q: How long does it take to download content?

This is dependent on your connection speed, which can be affected by signal strength, mobile reception and interference. Connecting using Wi-Fi or 3G usually offer the fastest experience. Pictures will download after the text unless the connection speed is too slow, in which case they will be prevented from loading at all.


Q: Can I use the app when I travel abroad?

We suggest checking with your cell phone service company prior to using the app abroad as most monthly plans charge extra for data roaming.


Q: How do I remove the app?

To remove the app from your iPhone, hold down the HCN icon on the screen until the icon begins to "shake." A delete icon will appear, click to remove the app.


Q: How do I give you feedback/ideas?

We appreciate your suggestions about how to improve the app. Your complaints are also welcome because we are serious about providing the best app experience possible. Contact us for help and feedback at or call 800-905-1155, M-F, 9-4 MST.