Help: High Country News' Digital Edition

Q. What is the High Country News digital edition?

The digital edition is an exact replica of the print edition and is only available to current HCN print or digital paid subscribers. It contains all the content, including articles and advertising, in vivid color, laid out exactly as they are in the print magazine. Our digital edition(s) require no downloaded software and can be read with a web browser like Safari and Internet Explorer. With a digital edition, you can easily search content, access back issues, clip and save pages, hot link in real-time for more features or to access advertiser promotions, and more.

  • Turn pages: Click the outside corner of any page to go forward or backward a page. You can also use the arrows at the top of the page (located in the navigation bar) to advance either one page at a time or to the start/end of the issue.
  • Zoom in/out: To zoom in, simply click what you want zoomed in on. To zoom back out, simply click again.
  • Print: Select the print option in the navigation bar and indicate which pages to print.
  • PDF: Download a PDF for off-line reading (includes hyperlinks).
  • Search: Select the search option in the navigation bar and search by word or phrase in a specific issue.
  • Back Issues: Select the previous issue link in the archive tab to the left of the digital issue.

Q. Do I need special software or plug-ins to view my digital magazine?

You only need a web browser (Firefox, Explorer, etc.) to view your issue. Your web browser will need to have the latest Adobe Flash plug-in already installed (most do).

Q. How do I read my digital magazine off-line?

You can download a PDF version of the issue to read a page off-line. You may also print pages. Both options appear as icons at the top of your digital edition in the navigation bar.

Q. I understand that a digital edition is included in my subscription to High Country News. How do I access these digital features?

Simply visit and sign in using your user name and password. From the “Browse Issues” page at or any current issue page, you will find the “digital edition” link. This link will take you directly to your digital edition.

Q. How will I know when my digital edition is ready?

You will receive an email notice of each new issue as it becomes available for as long as your subscription remains in good standing. These notifications will come directly from You will be directed to and must sign in using your user name and password to access the digital edition.

Q. How do I sign in to activate my Digital Subscription?

As a NEW SUBSCRIBER (or new to the website), create a user name and password at You will need your subscriber ID (found on the mailing label of your print magazine) and zip code to verify your subscription status. There are two possible labels you could encounter, they are listed below. This will activate your subscription so that you can access the premium content on, the digital edition and premium content on the iPhone app.

Q. How do I access my digital edition(s)?

If you are a CURRENT SUBSCRIBER and have already created your username and password on, you will receive notifications by email when a new issue is ready and a link to Sign in using your user name and password and click on the digital edition link.

Q. How can I access a back issue of a magazine?

If you are a current subscriber and have signed in to using your username and password, you can access current and past issues from the page which lists all available digital issues as well as the website's archive of past online issues. You may also access the digital edition archive directly from any digital edition using the archive tab at the left of each edition.

Q. What else can I do with my digital edition?

From the digital edition, you can view current and past digital issues of High Country News and clip pages to save. Every time you sign in to using your username and password, you will find your digital editions — they'll always be there for you. Searching is easy, too. You can search by any keyword, including the story title within any digital edition.

Q. How do I change the email address so that I don’t miss my new issue notifications?

Contact customer service at 800-905-1155 or via email at to change your email address.

Q. What if I don't have an email address?

You must have an email address to receive the new issue notifications. However, you can still access the latest digital edition simply by going to every two weeks, sign-in using your user name and password and go to to find the latest issue.

Q. How can I get access to the digital edition if I am not a current print subscriber?

The digital edition is a feature available only to current subscribers. Click here to see a sample digital edition and subscribe at

Q. I am not getting my email notifications. What do I do?

These emails might be flagged as junk/spam, be sure to check your Junk Mail folder. If you don't find them there, call 800-905-1155 or email, M-F, 9-4 MST.

Q. I’m not in the United States, is the digital edition still available?

Yes, the digital edition is a great alternative for Canadian and foreign subscribers. Instead of paying the extra postage for the print magazine, you can subscribe to the digital edition and save.

Q. I’m already a print subscriber; can I convert to only receive the digital edition?

You can convert your current subscription over at your next renewal cycle. Simply call 800-905-1155 or email, M-F, 9-4 MST.

Q. Can I switch back from digital to a Full Subscription?

You can also switch from digital back to print using the same methods as above. (Note: the price is a little bit higher for a Full Subscription.)

Q. Whom do I contact with additional questions regarding my subscription?

Call 800-905-1155 or email, M-F, 9-4 MST.

Q. When do I get my first digital issue?

A new or current Digital Subscription will begin with the next available issue cycle.

Q. What is PageSuite?

PageSuite is a leading digital edition provider. High Country News has contracted with PageSuite to host its digital editions. NOTE: When viewing your digital edition in the "full-screen" mode, some tools will not be available. Return to standard view to use all tools.