Tougher than most



Surely she was exaggerating, but maybe not. Republican Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming's lone congressional representative, insisted that she knew people in her state who would actually choose death over taxes -- resolving to quit dialysis or other live-saving treatments -- "in order to die so their estates won't be taxed" if the Bush-era tax breaks are allowed to expire at the end of the year and the federal estate tax rate reverts to 55 percent. (It's now zero.) She declined to name any of the die-hards, reports The Associated Press; A compromise may postpone this dire choice.


Mountain Gazette readers seem, well, tougher than most folks, to put it mildly. Take the letter from Dave Erickson of Madison, Wis., listing "20 cool things" he's done so far: "Biked 300 miles in 24 hours," "guided my blind friend in a 10-mile running race," "worked, ate, slept and drank at the (Aspen) Red Onion," and not last or least, "lost three teeth when a squirrel tried to run through my bike's front wheel."

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