Three cheers



While most school districts continue to struggle (and argue) over how to cut millions of dollars out of their budgets, the residents of Grand County, Utah, were just told they could relax and take a deep breath — at least for one year. Thanks to an anonymous donor’s gift of $700,000, the school district can avoid some of the more drastic cuts, reports the Moab Times-Independent, saving the jobs of five elementary school teachers and halting the move to a four-day week. A relieved school superintendent, Margaret Hopkins, called the donation “a miracle.”

And a cheer to Target Corp. for deciding to end the sale of salmon grown in crowded fish farms and dyed bright orange. The chain announced it will sell only wild salmon in its 1,744 stores in 49 states.

Still another cheer to 11 stalwart scientists at Brigham Young University who wouldn’t back down after calling global climate change a “serious problem,” reports the Salt Lake Tribune. Along with the Utah Farm Bureau, state Rep. Mike Noel — who calls global warming “a conspiracy to control world population” — asked BYU to apologize for the position taken by its earth scientists. A BYU spokesman refused, saying that the scientists were always clear about representing themselves and not the university. Forging ahead, the Utah House adopted a “sternly worded resolution” expressing deep skepticism about climate science.

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