The death of No. 6


A bull elk famous for his magnificent set of antlers — and his nasty temper — died recently in Yellowstone National Park after a freak accident. The animal (known as No. 6 because of his ear tag) apparently tripped crossing a fence and somersaulted onto his back, reports the AP. “Pinned between large rocks with his antlers beneath him, No. 6 slowly suffocated.” Over some 15 years, the bull developed his reputation for fearlessness, “venting his sexual frustration on rival bull elk and cars.” He also took a dislike to two tourists: One needed stitches after the encounter; another was knocked down but not hurt. The death of No. 6 could make a rival known as No. 10 king of Yellowstone, “but several younger elk have also been making themselves known,” writes Mead Gruver. No. 6 “is survived by a large harem of cow elk.”

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