Sit down and shut up


Paul Rolly seems a jolly fellow, at least judging by the picture that accompanies his column in the Salt Lake Tribune. On second thought, that amused look might mask a certain fed-upness. Here's what's bugging him lately: A state legislator who professed to be an expert on the U.S. Constitution proposed a bill saying "any federal law concerning health care doesn't count." Another legislator chimed in saying, "federal laws concerning public land don't count either." Then, at a town hall meeting on health care, a supporter of health-care reform was told to "sit down and shut up because this is America."

But you really know you're in Utah, Rolly says, when, at the inauguration for the new governor, VIP seats were reserved for the Legislature, Supreme Court chief justice "and of course, for that fourth branch of government, the president of the LDS Church." And Rolly quotes one attendee at an Orrin Hatch rally, who cheerfully told a reporter "how wonderful it is to be in a place 'where everyone thinks just like you do.'"

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