Ode on a glue factory?


A giant statue of a rearing blue horse has welcomed drivers to Denver International Airport for about a year, and nobody made much of it — until now. Rachel Hultin, a Denver real estate broker, thought the sculpture a dud and started a Facebook page, byebyebluemustang.com, to vent her criticism. She also asked for comments about the sculpture in haiku form, says the New York Times, and in poured the poetry — at last count 250 haikus. Here’s one example: “Anxiously I fly / apocalyptic hell beast / fails to soothe my nerves.” Surprisingly, Hultin has since moved from critic to appreciator of the 32-foot-tall horse: “Let’s try and understand it,” she says now. Does the anatomically correct sculpture symbolize the end of Denver as a one-horse town? Might it mock the city’s Old West past? “Or is it just strange?” The electric-blue mustang has a tragic history: Its creator, artist Luis Jimenez, died in 2006, when part of the 8,000-pound fiberglass structure fell on him.

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