Mesa State College on Colorado’s Western Slope displayed a bit of insensitivity to its Grand Junction neighbors recently, announcing that it was planning to create a “body farm” in one of the city’s fastest-growing residential areas. A body farm is a place where criminal justice students study the slow process of decay in donated cadavers. To put it mildly, this did not go over well with a few residents, reports the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. They worried about odor and bugs and the ugly razor wire on the fence enclosing the site — not to mention declining property values in the neighborhood. The college has since apologized and plans to move the project to a more remote location. Meanwhile, some Salt Lake City residents are outraged by the notion of a pet crematorium on a residential block. More precisely, the owners of a 115-year-old house want to turn it into a pet funeral home, complete with a crematory in the backyard and a mourning room for families in the front room, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. The owner of a nearby deli started a petition to protest the business, though the proprietors have assured neighbors that the crematory will be odorless, emitting only water vapor and carbon dioxide into the air.   

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