Milk and cookies



A McDonald’s restaurant in Phoenix learned a valuable lesson recently, but only after an assistant manager ordered a breastfeeding mother — and her 6-month-old baby — to leave. The lesson: Don’t mess with moms! As TV reporters flocked to the restaurant, dozens of nursing mothers converged inside it to protest what they called discrimination, one telling a reporter: “A baby deserves to eat whenever mom decides to eat, and you shouldn’t have to go to a bathroom to do it.” Restaurant higher-ups later apologized, reports the Arizona Republic, promising that it would never happen again.


Columnist Steve Beauregard doesn’t get the vaunted connection between medical marijuana and Mother Nature, and he looks unfavorably on the comparison between a pharmacist in a white coat dispensing drugs and medical marijuana as a brownie ingredient: “Legitimate pharmaceuticals from a medical professional should not involve a Duncan Hines recipe,” he wrote in the Grand Junction Sentinel Weekly. But Beauregard is hardly an expert, confessing that even though he went to the University of Colorado, he never smoked pot, making him perhaps “the most boring guy to have ever lived in Boulder.” One bit of good news, he says, is that medical marijuana is “the only part of our economy that’s growing.” And once managers of pot dispensaries join the Chamber of Commerce, he predicts, the group’s ho-hum get-togethers after work will become a lot more fun.

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