It's (really) not about the bike


A free weekly out of Salida, Colo., called Base Camp posts an unusual mission statement for a publication touting the outdoors and all the fun you can have skiing, biking and hiking. Editor Jim Williams says, “It’s easy to think we need this or that expensive, high-tech apparati to just go have fun.” But often, he says, “That’s just not true.” In a column headlined, “It’s not the gear,” he notes that a friend came in second in a 530-mile, five-day bicycle race riding a “one-speed bike with no shocks, wearing cut-offs, tennis shoes and a button-up shirt. He had no Lycra or spandex or clip-in pedals or even a trail-softening suspension.” But he did have the one thing necessary, Williams adds: “What he had was heart.”

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