Is that a gun in your Speedo?



When the city council of Cody, Wyo., met recently to update policies for the town's recreation center, it did more than overhaul some rules for playing games. In response to a gun owner's complaint, the council also voted unanimously to permit all firearms carried legally -- whether concealed or carried openly on someone's person, reports the Cody Enterprise. Before, only concealed weapons were allowed in gym rooms or at the swimming pool, where a curious visitor might have wondered, "Is that a gun in his Speedo?"


State legislatures designate official flowers and even official rocks, so why not an "official state handgun?" Utah might be the first to declare one if Carl Wimmer, a Republican state representative, has his way. Wimmer, who is a fan of the Browning M-1911, a .45-caliber handgun designed 100 years ago by Utah-born John Moses Browning, says he'll introduce a bill soon, reports The former policeman is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.


It's not a big hop from Helena, Mont., to Salt Lake City, but an ornery passenger turned the flight into the trip from hell, pounding on the door to the cockpit and "saying he was a space alien" who wanted to fly the plane, reports the Helena Independent Record. Fortunately, a "big cowboy" stepped in, according to a passenger who watched it all. Clay Cooper, a seven-time world champion in professional rodeo, "came up and grabbed" the out-of-control Matthew Kleindorfer, 32, of Las Vegas, thrust him into a seat, fastened his seatbelt and ordered him to stay put. "That cowboy saved the day for sure," the passenger said. The wannabe alien remained quiet as the plane was diverted to Idaho Falls, though when police took over after the plane landed, Kleindorfer twice kicked one of the officers. Not only strong but silent, Cooper had no comment afterwards.


Thanks to the economic downturn, you can now buy a so-called "eco-friendly" mega-mansion in Aspen for what might turn out to be a bargain price. The town's first Gold LEED-certified house was initially on the market for $13.9 million, reports PR Newswire; on Jan. 28, however, the 6,750-square-foot home with six bathrooms will be auctioned off, and "there is no minimum bid required to participate." Visit for details about "Vision House Aspen."

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