How much does that canyon weigh?



If you don’t laugh or gasp with amazement at least once while reading the boatman’s quarterly review, the off-and-on-again magazine published by the nonprofit Grand Canyon River Guides in Flagstaff, Ariz., you’re way too serious. A recent profile of teacher and guide Steve Lonie, 61, included these tidbits: Asked about the craziest question he’d ever been asked, Lonie picked, “How much does the canyon weigh?” As for the most memorable moment in his long career, Lonie recalled a conversation he’d had with a blind woman during a disabilities trip down the Colorado River. While he told the woman about the schist rock layer and what it looked like, “She ran her hands across the rock while saying, ‘I can see the colors!’ I said, ‘Cool!’ She said, ‘No, it’s not. Sit me down. That’s my aura. I’m also an epileptic.’ ”


Have you ever wondered how to combine “humor, art and latex?” The Blue Mountain Clinic invited people to do just that for its recent “Off the Rack” fashion show in Missoula, Mont. The women’s clinic donated condoms in a suite of colors to participants; designers had to come up with idiosyncratic outfits. Judging from photos of the event, condom-made bathing suits and dresses seem very bouncy.

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