"Hey, that's my hay"



"Forget the needle; it's the haystack that Nevada sheriff's deputies are looking for," reports The Associated Press. Thieves driving a long-bed pickup have been swiping hay at night, targeting a ranch about 15 miles southeast of Elko, Nev. In the third and latest incident, some 2,000 pounds of hay disappeared from the ranch where it borders a state highway. Hay is tough to track, said Sheriff's Lt. Doug Gailey, because even if you found some suspicious bales, "it would be very difficult to say 'Hey, that's my hay.' "


Some mean kids never grow up, though they do grow older. Doris Lor says she never understood what it was like to be bullied until she reached her 70s, reports the Arizona Republic. Lor, a retired secretary, moved into an age-restricted retirement community near Chandler, Ariz., but soon found "a clique here that is meaner than mean." A man at the recreation center yelled at her to leave, she was denied seats at a card table and poolside, and then the women's club froze her out. Lor got little help from the folks who run the Solera Chandler retirement village, so for now she does crafts by herself or visits friends at a more congenial retirement community nearby.

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