Gun owners take revenge


MONTANA. Dan Cooper, the co-founder and president of Cooper Firearms of Montana, a small gun manufacturing company in Stevensville, was forced to resign recently after stirred-up gun advocates called him a traitor and threatened reprisals against his business. Cooper’s blunder? He told USA Today that he supported Barack Obama for president and had donated to his campaign. He also criticized the Republican Party for moving too far to the right, and said the gun lobby had mischaracterized Obama’s position on gun issues. Outrage spread fast on Internet gun blogs. Attacks on Cooper grew so intense that the company’s board of directors issued a statement saying that it did not share his political views, reports the Associated Press. Later, the statement was removed from the company’s Web site. Gov. Brian Schweitzer, D, offered to help the company and its 40 employees weather any boycott that emerged. He compared the political pressure to Halloween, when “a lot of the goblins are out,” and assured the company that “things will cool down, they always will.”

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