Foxy golfer


Why would a red fox collect golf balls? Nobody knows, but then again, nobody really knows why grown men walk around with sticks trying to wallop them. The fox in question lives in Steamboat Springs where it has become obsessed by Tom Houk's backyard putting green. Houk, who likes to practice a few putts every evening and then leave his golf balls out overnight, says he couldn't figure out why they were all gone the next morning. "Day after day the scenario repeated itself until Houk saw the thief in his driveway," reports "A hairless fox was standing there with one of his golf balls in his mouth." The place where the gangly looking fox stashed nearly 100 golf balls remains a mystery (perhaps it lines its den with the balls or sold them on eBay) but Jerry Neal, a Colorado Division of Wildlife officer, explains the animal's obsessive behavior this way: Chasing golf balls, he said, is "fun for them."

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