Football players and other thugs



After former Democratic Congressman Pat Williams attacked a certain sacred cow at the University of Montana, reaction was swift. Here's what he told The New York Times: "We've had sex assaults, vandalism, beatings by football players. The university has recruited thugs for its football team, and this thuggery has got to stop." Williams, now a regent of the Montana University System, quickly tried to make it clear that he was only talking about a few athletes, rather than a majority, but the backlash has been fierce, with the Montana Quarterback Club going so far as to circulate a petition for his ouster. But given that the reason behind his interviews with the Times and was the upcoming rape trial of a suspended University of Montana quarterback, perhaps "thuggery" was not too strong a term.


As the Logan Herald Journal delicately put it, "Sex toys are a ticklish topic. Just ask the guy who stole a certain item recently from the Persian Peacock in downtown Logan. …" That particular guy, who remains anonymous, was not the smartest thief in town, seeing as how a surveillance camera caught him in the act. Alert storeowner Jessica McWhinnie swiftly posted a picture on the Web, not of the thief, but of the stolen item, threatening the "dude" in question with exposure if he didn't pay her $32 "for the toy you felt OK about stealing from a small local business." In no time flat, $40 in cash was stuck in the store's door, causing Persian Peacock's McWhinnie to post a final message of "WOW," adding that from now on, shoplifters "will be recorded on video and turned over to police after we have uploaded the videos to Facebook and YouTube."

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