Kills the Unconventional


Facebook just doesn’t get it: Native Americans don’t always have names like Dick Jones or Jane Smith. In fact, something like Robin Kills the Enemy is not only OK, it’s traditional. Not understanding that, Facebook disabled the site account of 28-year-old Robin Kills the Enemy, a Lakota woman from the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Facebook apparently assumed that her last name was fake, reports New America Media. Now, Kills the Enemy, a computer technician, has lost contact with hundreds of her friends, and she’s not happy about it. While waiting for her name’s promised reinstatement, she’s gotten lots of support, including a message from a person whose last name is CrazyBull. He said Facebook rejected his name as illegitimate, too, until he joined Crazy and Bull into one word. Kills the Enemy is insisting on her three-word name, and notes that it goes back four generations and is genuine. “They can have Isthebest as a last name, and I can’t have my last name?”

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