Bedroom Camo


It’s always a treat to get Cabela’s Christmas catalog, that compendium of rugged outdoor gear for hunters, anglers and all those who love camouflage in its myriad incarnations. We could devote this entire page to describing those incarnations, but instead will tantalize you with these few samples: camouflage infant wear, bedspreads and boots; insulated suits and hats in a fluttery green pattern that make wearers look like trees walking. There are also nightshirts for women in designs dubbed “floraflage.” New this year — though we might have missed this item in years past because it wasn’t doused in camo — is “shotgun shell flatware.” Each oversized fork, knife and spoon features an inset of a 12-gauge shotgun shell.


 Floraflauge sleepwear photo courtesy of Cabela's, World's Foremost Outfitter.

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