And window seats for all


Thanks to geolocators the size of a dime — small enough for a bird to bear — scientists have documented that songbirds such as thrushes can cover as many as 311 miles in a day. One female martin flew an incredible journey of 4,660 miles in only 13 days, all the way from the Amazon Basin to Pennsylvania, reports the Los Angeles Times. Closer to home, a female wolf in search of a mate recently trekked across five states, leaving Montana and crossing through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, then wandering through Idaho and Utah before arriving in western Colorado. Total distance the 18-month-old female covered: 1,000 miles. Tagged 314F, the wolf is the second one known to come to Colorado from Yellowstone; a car struck another radio-collared wolf near Idaho Springs in 2004. No one knows if other wolves — particularly males — live in the wolf’s new neighborhood, says the state’s Division of Wildlife.

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