A goat walks into a bar...



A pygmy goat walks into a bar on a Sunday afternoon -- and no, this isn't the setup to one of those jokes; this really happened in Butte, Mont. The little goat seemed to enjoy the outing until a public-health-conscious patron called the police, who came and took the animal to a shelter. As to how the goat found its way into the bar, the mystery remains. But diligent reporting by the Montana Standard traced the missing goat to a petting zoo based at a nearby hot springs resort, which, despite its many amenities, apparently doesn't serve drinks to goats.

NEVADA: That about covers it. Courtesy Owen Baughman.


A gun-manufacturing company called III Arms wants to create a brand-new town in rural Idaho for about 7,000 future-fearing "patriotic American families." Apparently, worldwide catastrophe is imminent, so like-minded people ought to clump together. And that, the town's organizers say, means that bearing arms is not a right but a requirement, according to the Huffington Post. All residents 13 years old and older must wear sidearms when visiting the town center, and prospective residents must pay a $208 application fee and sign a "Patriot Agreement," specifying that every adult will own an automatic rifle, 1,000 rounds, and a survival stockpile for when the outside world erupts in chaos. An artist's conception of the Citadel shows a double-walled town, a new III Arms factory (the primary employer), and a firearms museum with reflecting pool, along with a farmers market, homes and schools. Organizers, who insist that they are not "wackos, cultists or racists," also plan to create a bank and issue Citadel coins in silver and gold. So far, more than 200 people have signed up.


An 82-year-old man suffered little more than a few bruises after tackling a burglary suspect one-third his age. Terry Miracle of Longview, Wash., was weeding his garden when he heard the police chasing somebody. As the commotion grew nearer, Miracle told The Seattle Times, he remembered his high school football training from 65 years earlier and got into position. And so, when the running man glanced back at his pursuers and stumbled toward him, Miracle launched what he called a cross-body block, tripping Morgan Perry Bluehorse, 27, and knocking both himself and Bluehorse to the ground. That enabled police to catch up and nab their man, who had a long history of burglarizing area businesses. As one grateful policeman joked, "It took a Miracle" to catch the bad guy.

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