A blaze of bullets


Twice a year or so, says a fire chief in Medford, Ore., a blaze breaks out in somebody’s house and bullets start banging as well. “Actually, it’s not uncommon for us to deal with ammunition during fires,” says Medford Battalion Chief Ken Goodson. A recent Jacksonville fire was a doozy, though, because James Frings sold reloaded ammunition for a living and kept barrels of gunpowder inside his house, reports AP. Frings also stored “buckets of bullets” — as much as 40,000 rounds of ammo – outside, so when a fire broke out, “it sounded like the Fourth of July.” Birds burst from the roof and then smoke and flames poured out from the windows. Next-door neighbor Jacob Carr probably saved Frings’ life: He called 911 and crawled inside the burning home to lead the 77-year-old to safety. Frings survived with burns on his face and arms; the cause of the fire is not yet known.

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