Green Justice

A Culture of Failure
Communities succeed where regulators fail
Gulf tragedy highlights need for Native renewables
Tribes can point the way to a new energy economy.
Grand Canyon uranium threatens tribal water
Canyon guardians seek protection from mining contamination
Water thieves or water saviors?
Tribal water settlements usually take water from Indian nations.
Sovereignty versus stewardship
New bill would reduce taxes and regulation on tribal energy projects.
EJ for Earth Day
It's also a day to think about those who are fighting environmental injustice.
A model for community environmental participation
Applying "informed consent" to government decision-making
Black Mesa mine mess
Protecting clean water on Navajo land
Is the San Joaquin Valley getting its fair share of stimulus cash?
Open space justice
Often those deprived of park experiences are most in need of them.
Toxic legacy for tribes
Uranium mining's harm belies the promise of nuclear energy
Location, location, location
Power plant siting matters to Colorado communities.
The Front Line of Climate Justice
New Mexico moves to lead the nation in capping greenhouse gas emissions
Tackling environmental justice on the Front Range
The Colorado Urban Project addresses pollution issues facing city dwellers.
Saying "yes" to climate justice
We must all be more inclusive and more determined in our work to stabilize the climate.
Environmental justice, one neighborhood at a time
Community initiatives often accomplish more than lofty international accords.
Environmental harmony
Environmental justice in the conservation movement
Wilderness environmentalism
We need more focus on the non-human world.
"Messy and unstructured, relentless and global"
Creative lawyering for environmental justice
Environmental justice: A vision for change
Adding people and the economy to the ‘environment’ conversation.
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