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For 50 years now, High Country News has carried the torch of inspiration for all who love the West and those who seek to live more meaningful lives here. But it’s only through our readers’ support that we’ve survived this long — and even managed to thrive.

Today, we remain strong and committed, poised for the next 50 years. We need your help more than ever as we launch an aggressive $10 million expansion campaign.


Across the country, newsrooms are shrinking and disappearing, leaving news deserts and increasing polarization. With your support, we‘ve created a bold plan for the future — one that will create ripples of understanding, hope and lasting change for a new generation of Western leaders. We have five top priorities:


Deeper and more comprehensive coverage of the West


A larger, more diverse and engaged audience


Technology that better supports our readers


A way to sustain and develop HCN’s business model


An endowment to secure the future of our intern and fellow program


Join us on June 4, 2021 for The West Illuminated, a virtual event celebrating 50 years of independent journalism at High Country News.

In 1970, Wyoming rancher Tom Bell cobbled together a gritty black-and-white tabloid sounding the alarm about the destruction of a landscape that he loved. In the process, he birthed a Western institution. 50 years later HCN is still a voice for the West. HCN’S REMARKABLE HISTORY

We’ve already raised $6 million from our own board of directors, major donors, foundations and even former interns. Help take us higher and reach our $10 million goal — for the future of HCN and independent journalism for the West.