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Sprite Sky


Sprite Sky

Taken Sept 28 2019. Driving from California to Colorado I had just passed through Kingman Az, when this large and distant electrical storm made its appearance. I have been wanting to catch a sprite for a while so I took the nearest exit and raced down the BLM rd. As you may know many parts of Arizona are flat and covered in Juniper. It took about 20 minutes to find a decent photographic opening and i was sure by then the storm had passed. I ran my gear out to the spot and set up a timelapse. A dozen frames in and I was already considering moving my shot. I quickly glanced over the images and sure enough, Sprite! Mildly freaking out I quickly continued the timelapse and was lucky enough to catch nearly a dozen sprites that night! The green hue to the sky is due to the very apparent-to-the-naked-eye (albeit sans color) airglow that was present. The orange illumination in the clouds is light pollution from below.

Photographer: Tyler Lausten