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Copper Widow.


Copper Widow.

I have always loved graveyards. The ones on the west are amongst the best in the world. I have full model release for both of the these models. One is shot in the small town of Copperton, which is where the gigantic open pit Coppermine of Rio Tinto, formerly Kennecott is located. These shots reminded me of Mormon Pioneer women who came west to find a very hard life. The second shot will be from DelaMar: also see this shot here: I have many, many shots of this in very high resolution if you should print one at print resolution. I think IK like this sepiaduotone best of the bunch?? LINK? Probably you want the Milky Way over Arches.. I will see what I can do.

Photographer: Steven Ford, google: snowbasinbumps, a long term HCN subscriber, as is my wife Eleanor Thompson