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Cold Nights of Hot Plasma


Cold Nights of Hot Plasma

Nothing warms up a Sub-Zero Alaskan night like 180,000°F plasma! Well...gloves and a hat help more, but nothing makes a Sub-Zero Alaskan night more beautiful than the Aurora! Ionized oxygen and nitrogen dance almost 100 miles above the frozen landscape of Fairbanks. After a three day trip from the surface of the sun, protons slam into Earth's upper atmosphere at a cool 900,000mph creating the colorful plasma ribbons. The northern lights are common, yet illusive! One never knows when or where they will appear. The sky may be dark and quiet for hours on end, then suddenly erupt into light with little to no warning. Once they do show up, the peak of the storm may only last a minute or two so the photographer must always be ready to take the photo at a moment's notice.

Photographer: Jack Taylor