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Tundra Monarch


Tundra Monarch

And then sometimes the luck is with a person. On a trip up to Rocky NP to shoot the somewhat scarce Old Man of the Mountain flower, I was somewhat dismayed about the lack of stellar conditions. As I waited for hours for sunset in the car, I noticed the elk were quite in abundance all around me. Of course the tourists were in a frenzy, but frankly I was focused on my impending sunset landscape shot. Given the less than spectacular conditions that were setting up for sunset, I thought about how cool it would be  if an elk came into my scene. Not as good as a unicorn, but real close. Yep, sure enough, hours later a few friendly bull elk just wandered through my sunset image, only feet from me. Needless, to say I was now in a frenzy to capture their best profile. Do ya know how difficult it can be to get an elk to cooperate for a portrait? I whistled; talked to them; pleated with them; stomped the ground; and muttered many a strange sound.  No deal- the elk were too busy eating and were not in the mood for a photo session. I am now convinced they are related to cats; they just don't pay attention! Well, patience I had an abundance of and it payed off for a few side portrait images!

Photographer: Ken Henke