HCN Art Auction Q&A

1) Tell me more about the HCN Art auction?
A) This is an online art auction in support of High Country News. Works of art are donated by subscribers, donors and friends of HCN. We accept art submissions between Jan. 19th and July 1st. The online Auction will take place Aug. 1st through Aug. 17th.

2) How can I participate?
A) If you are an artist, know an artist or are a collector, you can donate (or encourage your friend to donate) artwork to the auction. We accept 2D art, sculpture, jewelry, fine furnishings and textiles. You can also bid on and buy art that you like. (auction dates above)

3) What is a Guaranteed Bid?
A) If you bid 150% of the value of the piece, the artwork is automatically yours. No further bidding on that item will take place.

4) Is there a theme for the auction?
A) HCN focuses on issues of the American West (which is, itself broad and varied) so, it should fit in that category in some fashion.

5) How will I get the art if I win the bid?
A) We will ship artwork within 6 weeks of the auction to the winning bidder, after receiving full payment. Shipping will be an additional charge, incurred by the winning bidder.

6) What if an item doesn’t receive an opening bid?
A) Items that are not bid on will be returned to the artist or donor.

7) Is all the money raised going to HCN?
A) Yes, all the money raised from this art auction goes to support High Country News.

8) Since you are a nonprofit, is the artwork tax-deductible?
A) Yes and no. Yes, donation of artwork is considered an in-kind tax contribution to HCN by the artist or art donor. For the buyer, the purchase of art is not tax exempt, UP TO THE VALUE OF THE ART. Any amount paid over the value, is considered a contribution to the organization and is tax deductible.

9) I would like to donate some art, but don't want to login to your website. Can I?
A) Yes! you can go to here to fill out our digital form, upload your image and viola! It is done. Or you can also download this PDF and mail it in to Alyssa Pinkerton, High Country News, P.O. Box 1090, Paonia, CO 81428

10) As an art donor, am I responsible for shipping costs? And should I ship to HCN or directly to the bidder who "bought" my art?
A) We prefer you pack and mail your artwork directly to our office at: 119 Grand Avenue, Paonia, CO 81428. However, if you cannot absorb the cost of mailing your work as a part of your donation, we can assist you. And if you prefer to mail the artwork directly to the highest bidder, saving on overall shipping costs, we support that also. Please call/email with questions (info below).

General Rules & Conditions

  • We assume each online bid will be fulfilled by the final bidder. At the close of the auction, midnight, August 17th, the highest bidder will be "awarded" the item, and the bid amount will be collected within a week of the auction.
  • HCN has described artwork per the instructions of the artist and is not responsible for correctness or conditions of items. No statement made at the auction is deemed as a warranty or representation of work. The values listed are based on artist’s previous sales.
  • Artwork that is sold online will be shipped to the bidder at the additional expense of the bidder, within 6 weeks of purchase.
  • HCN reserves the right to use art images (provided by the artist or collector in the submission form) to promote the art auction and may reproduce those images in our magazine or website.

If you have further questions, please contact Alyssa at 800-905-1155 ext. 31

Thank you for your interest and support of High Country News!