Politics on Planet Idaho
High Country News and Boise State University invite you to an evening talk surprising trends in Idaho's tree-hugging, salmon-kissing, wolf-whatevering and other environmental politics
Valentine Campaign
Collection of HCN love stories as part of a one-off thank you, gift and donation campaign.
The 2014 Bell Prize
The Bell Prize for young essayists
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Bell Prize
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24 percent of readers wish for wildlife and wilderness protection
We asked High Country News readers what they wished for this holiday. The results fell in the following topics.
HCN's Soundtable spring 2015
Information about High Country News' radio show.
Soundtable ad
Listen to the Soundtable
Listen to the Soundtable
Listen to the Soundtable on megadrought
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Tug of War
HCN's Soundtable
Information about High Country News' radio show.
wind power/electrical wires
wind power/electrical wires
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Soundtable fall 2015
Soundtable fall 2015
Radio show begins 11/18 at 6 p.m. MT
Now taking applications:
High Country News, in partnership with PLAYA, announces the 2016 Diverse Western Voices Award.