A collection of High Country News articles concerning public policy and the environment.
Sit down and shut up
SLC Tribune columnist irked by Utah's particular politics.
Utah climate clash
For the first time, Utah lawmakers will hear testimony on climate change from (gasp!) a climatologist.
Good reading
Environmentalism, politics, and population trends
The changing face of the West
HCN joins other journalists for a live discussion of energy, politics and wilderness in the West.
Harvesting grievances
Obama administration officials address complaints from Western farmers.
Sen. Baucus' healthcare plan
Montana Dem tries to be bipartisan and fails to please anyone.
Lawless future indeed
California says its planned park closures carry big risks.
"We all blew it"
Did white environmentalists fail Van Jones?
Eenie meenie (money) moe
Stimulus funds arbitrarily handed to border projects.
Fighting the fire
Safety measures for wildland firefighters have improved, but a changing environment still poses threats.
Pot season in the parks
Legalize it, part two.
"Don't lie for the other guy"
Border campaign warns against buying guns for smugglers.
Why West?
Why Obama turned his health care road show westbound.
More on forest power plays
Another critical enviro, a timber analyst and a radio show weigh in.
Bribery slips under the border
Increasing corruption on U.S. side of the line.
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