A collection of High Country News articles concerning public policy and the environment.
Endangered species meltdown
Ignore climate change effects on listed species, says Bush administration.
GOP's Acorn fixation is downright nutty
Accusations of voter fraud in Nevada are getting overblown.
A guidebook we might use
We might need a new kind of outdoor guidebook if an outdoorsy drill-here drill-now U.S. Senate candidate gets his way.
Power to the people
Sevier County voters will decide the fate of a proposed coal-fired plant in November.
Why Western Wildfires are getting larger
The Forest Service says it's climate change, the timber industry says its lack of logging, others say it’s intentional.
What the election means for the Interior Department
A look at McCain and Obama's likely picks for Secretary of the Interior.
EPA reopens "National Libraries on the Environment"
Agency restores (some) access to vital scientific information.
How the federal election could impact public lands
Four more years of road deterioration? Or a concerted effort to address the problem?
Ground gaming the system
The polls may not accurately reflect the state of the presidential race in Colorado.
The bailout
Western congress members could have swung the vote.
Palin the hostile
Native lawyers decry her record on subsistence rights, sovereignty and voting.
Palin the predator
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund highlights Alaska governor's promotion of wolf-killing.
As goes the Red Planet, so goes the West?
Missions to Mars -- a waste of money, or a taste of what's to come?
Indentured servitude in the pines
Forest Service contractors are abusing immigrant workers.
Lipstick on a Cheney
Why the gun-totin', drill-happy Sarah Palin won't win the West.
The Palin Effect
New Mexico was looking good for Obama, but post-RNC it's drifting back to the center.
The delegates and the ghost of Teddy R.
The Westerners I met at the RNC all described themselves as conservationists. What gives?
To our friends at grist.org
In which I throw down the gauntlet on clean-coal schwag.
Getting enough outside time?
For Palin, the glories of Alaska seem to exist mostly in Photoshop.