A collection of High Country News articles concerning public policy and the environment.
Climate change is easy money
Ranchers cut right to the chase.
Newsitos for 3/28/09
Bleeding wolf package, inferior salmon, Obama vs Indian health, and Sen. Reid vs polygamy.
Enviros suffer first major setback in Obama era
And this battle -- over a huge public-lands law -- reveals shifts in Western politics.
Organic farmers?
Paranoia, helicopters, herbicides
Texans file lawsuit to stop Border Patrol's toxic spraying.
Newsitos for 3/20/09
Links to stories about birds, the Omni, a top ecologist and guns.
Slums and tent cities
An urban planner's dream?
Salvaging the "Fire Service"
Congress gives the FLAME Act another go.
The "tyranny of fleece"
Diversifying the environmental movement and actually making progress.
Power Shift 2009
Youth to Congress: "bold climate and clean energy policy," please.
Endangered Species Act restored
Bush era rules overturned.
Will pesticide applications require a Clean Water permit?
Recent decision could have huge impact in the West.
"But enough about you..."
With a flurry of self-portraits, Kempthorne bids adieu
Mo' Money...
...mo' solutions?
Put up yer dukes
Business group digs in against western cap-and-trade.
A place at the table for Native Nations
Stimulus appropriations for Indian Country are a long time coming.
"Top-to-bottom" ethical review at Interior
Career employees and political appointees to be scrutinized.
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