A collection of High Country News articles concerning public policy and the environment.
The Year of Ignorance about the West
Why don't the presidential candidates and the national media take the trouble to learn something about us?
Primer 1: Politics
Something deeper than party lines is at work in Western politics.
Survival and the fittest
Ultra-marathon runner Nikki Kimball races to keep her spirit strong and her personal demons at bay.
Stretching the notion of neighbor
Rev. Peter Sawtell crusades for eco-justice throughout the West from his church in Denver.
Braving the political winds
Region 8 EPA official Robbie Roberts retired in June, leaving a legacy of strong critiques of runaway energy development.
Who will be the West’s new boss?
Who will be the West’s new boss?
The Interior secretary is the nation's top wildlife manager and federal landlord, managing 507 million acres, 600 dams and 68 percent of the nation's energy reserves.
Lawless future
Lawless future
State parks are facing a budget crisis all their own, especially in California.
Democrats borrow from Madison Avenue
Denver offers an iconic Western backdrop and the message that "this is not your father's party."
The collected Sierra Nevada
The collected Sierra Nevada
Meteorologist Hal Klieforth has collected a lifetime of knowledge – and a museum’s worth of artifacts – from years spent exploring the Sierra Nevada.
Having your cake and eating it, too
Gary Paul Nabhan chats with HCN Assistant Editor Marty Durlin about working landscapes in National Parks
Two weeks in the West
Two weeks in the West
Forest Service blows its wad on a mixed fire season in the West; solar power plants and wind farms may help take the heat off; fire sale of energy leases on Colorado’s Roan Plateau.
Why the Republicans failed Nov. 4
Why the Republicans failed Nov. 4
A couple of years ago, there was talk of a permanent GOP majority. But now the party is facing a serious decline in power.
I want my vote to count, but will it?
I want my vote to count, but will it?
Laura Paskus reminds voters that in an imperfect election system, it’s up to us to make sure our votes are counted.
Homeland Security gets to bypass environmental laws
Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff is using the recently passed Real ID Act to bypass environmental, safety and labor laws in order to build a giant border fence south of San Diego
No conspiracy in Libby, despite hundreds of deaths
That's what the jury says.
Battle for justice in Libby might collapse quietly
And green groups barely notice.
Ex-HCN board member named Idaho lt. guv
Brad Little, who's also a Republican rancher, is a good pick.
Already one Westerner gets job in Obama admin
Montana poli sci grad Jim Messina will be a White House staffer.
Big cat boondoggle?
Jaguar critical habitat has an unlikely critic.
Water Bargain
A final agreement emerges from the Klamath River negotiations.
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