A collection of High Country News articles concerning public policy and the environment.
A midnight lease on the mesa
An appeal filed today challenges a hasty permit revision for Arizona's Black Mesa Complex.
The Obama administration and the Klamath River basin
Will science be restored to its rightful place?
Water activists want paradigm shift from Obama
New regulation czar Sunstein is a wild card.
Another Colorado senate race
There are plenty of potential replacements for Ken Salazar in the U.S. Senate.
Sticks and stones
A new consensus on public forest management?
Even groups like Oregon Wild now embrace “thinning” and “collaboration.”
Sellin', drillin', bribin'
Real estate, construction, oil and gas top bribery index.
Don't call it journalism
A peculiar choice.
Obama and public lands
Speculation about how the next president will manage the federal estate.
Where geography still matters
When choosing an Interior Secretary, Presidents must still consider geography.
Audio: An unlikely senator goes to Washington
Oregon's Jeff Merkley wants to "change the world" as part of the new majority in the U.S. Senate.
Administration publishes final oil shale regs
Oil shale leasing will be allowed on nearly 2 million acres, at least until Obama overturns the new rules.
Public land for sale?
An old idea -- selling public land to pay down the national debt -- is circulating again.