A collection of High Country News articles concerning public policy and the environment.
The last living Democrat in Idaho lays it on the line
"Cecil Andrus: Politics Western Style," by Cecil Andrus and Joel Connelly, is a good read about a good political life.
The West of the '90s is the South of the '60s
The Republican Revolution may be stalled in the rest of the country, but the Rocky Mountain West remains a stronghold for GOP hard-liners.
Defensive GOP cleans up its budget act
After weeks of bluster and deal-making, Republicans quietly dropped 30 or so anti-environmental riders to the appropriations bill.
Wise words from a veteran activist
A reader profile of 100-year-old Hazel Wolf, a lifelong activist and the star of the Great Old Broads for Wilderness conference.
How many more monuments will Obama create?
How many more monuments will Obama create?
The recent designation for Browns Canyon has conservation groups ready for more.
God to Helen: 'Do I know you?'
In a tongue-in-cheek essay, the writer talks to God and passes on the divine opinion concerning Idaho Rep. Helen Chenoweth.
Congress avoids buying public land
The Land and Water Conservation Fund is tied up in politics and milked to balance the budget, rather than spent to purchase public lands as it was intended to do.
These legislative riders sit low in the saddle
Republicans have attached a barrage of anti-environmental riders to unrelated legislation coming before the Congress, and Democrats seem unsure how to respond.
New Mexico Greens here to stay
In New Mexico, an energetic Green Party is siphoning votes from the Democratic Party and seeks to give the Republicans a run for their money.
Thirty days left for politics, petulance
In the waning days of Congress, it begins to look as if the controversial Quincy Library Bill will fall victim to a mixture of "politics and petulance."
Utah bill aims to force an end to the land transfer debate
Utah bill aims to force an end to the land transfer debate
Plus, a roundup of federal-to-state land transfer battles across the West.
The Land and Water Fund waits to be tapped
Although the money in the Land and Water Conservation Trust Fund is usually taken for other purposes, this year Congress has agreed to spend the conservation trust fund for land and water conservation.
The scandal culture reaches Bruce Babbitt
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's tangle with Republicans in Congress who want to have him investigated by a special prosecutor for denying an Indian casino in Wis., is simply another example of the new "culture of scandal" in action.
A 'liberal' court gets some breathing room
Western conservatives in U.S. Senate, trying to destroy 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals because of its "liberalism,' compromise on creating a commission to study the appeals court system.
Westerners who prolonged the shutdown showdown
Westerners who prolonged the shutdown showdown
Congress narrowly averted shutting down the Department of Homeland Security, no thanks to these reps.
Montana congressman sweetens a buyout
In complicated congressional wheeling and dealing, a bill to save Yellowstone from mining is held up until some pork is provided for Montana Republican Rick Hill to take home.
A deal is no longer a deal in Washington
In Washington, D.C., Republicans try to resuscitate bills environmentalists thought they had killed.
The Mountain West: A Republican Fabrication
The Republican Party controls the West because historically it has created and exploited the mythology of the Interior West to the party's advantage.
The water czar who reshaped Colorado River politics
The water czar who reshaped Colorado River politics
Las Vegas’ Pat Mulroy initiated an era of deal-making that may buffer against catastrophic drought.
Politics here consists of hating the East
As the world's great powers meet in Denver and history happens in their countries' capitals, American politicians seem to think of nothing but sex.