HCNU Classroom Program

We need your help to GIVE AWAY free issues of High Country News to college classrooms.

Professors and students tell us that HCN is a tremendous resource for their classes and collegiate study, and we have made it our mission to double our enrollment in the program for this fall semester.

Help us serve 100 classrooms (3,000 students) by spreading the news of this remarkable and FREE classroom subscription!

Contact your alma mater, your local university, teacher or professors you know, and your friends and family, and help us spread the word about this fantastic program.

Connect them with our . Simply forward their contact information to .

Send them to this form to sign up on their own or send them to our educators page for more information.

Participants of this program receive:

  • 8 issues per semester (delivered in bulk to the professor)
  • An email to the professor the week of the issue, noting the table of contents and the upcoming stories- for planning purposes
  • Access to HCN digital archives – a rich 44-year history of High Country News
  • Access to our HCN librarian to aggregate story lists for concentrated study of a topic


Help us serve more young people, today!

If you’d like to financially contribute to this program, so that we can continue to keep it free for students and professors, we’d be grateful for your support! Contact for more information, or donate to the campaign today.

Classrooms currently served:
Areas of study

We think HCN fits into any liberal arts curriculum - especially for schools in the West - and certainly many specialized fields of study. Here are some of our current classroom titles:

  • Journalism
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Law
  • Biology
  • Sustainable Studies
  • Ecology
  • American Western Studies
  • Leadership programs
Note that this is not a complete list. High Country News fits nicely into many disciplines.