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Outflanked August 03, 2015


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A series of stories about the way we think about wildfire in the West. Plus, a vanishing Rio Grande fish may foretell the river's fate; the Supreme Court wants the EPA to consider the costs of new regulations as well as health benefits; and more.

Shredded July 20, 2015


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SHREDDED: Will a growing, technologically evolved army of thrill seekers overrun every corner of the West? Cover Photo: Day seven of a hut-to-hut mountain biking trip from Telluride, Colorado, to Moab, Utah. By Sergio Ballivian

Dust to Dust June 22, 2015

Dust to Dust

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Why the rare earths industry is about to bust in the American West, fracking-induced earthquakes, revival of a Montana mining town, and the sage grouse two-step. Cover image: Massimo Brega/The Lighthouse/Science Source

Tree of Life June 08, 2015

Tree of Life

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How genetic research on common species could be the key to saving the greatest number of plants and animals. Also, a bull trout comeback, innovations in agricultural water leasing and an ode to morel hunting. Cover Image: Original illustration by Bryce Gladfelter.

Monument Man May 25, 2015

Monument Man

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A profile of Washington, DC, insider John Podesta, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and a contentious diversion on the Gila River.

The Wetland Wars May 11, 2015

The Wetland Wars

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Environmentalists battle to save urban wetlands in Los Angeles, an obscure legal provision becomes a new Sagebrush Rebellion tactic, and labor victories in Western cities.

Lost frontier April 27, 2015

Lost frontier

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Tucson rainwater revolution, the Bakken boom closes in on a national park, a look at the West’s drought, and more.