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The New Advocates June 27, 2016

The New Advocates

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Meet the new environmental advocates, a diverse generation of outdoor enthusiasts and activists forging their way in the conservation movement. In this special issue, eco-minded veterans, Latinos rising, and Hopi raft guides.

Water to Dust June 13, 2016

Water to Dust

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Oregon’s obscure terminal lakes feed millions of migrating birds, but now they need life support of their own. Plus, disenfranchised Native Americans in Utah and Arizona's tough water choices.

Trial by Fire May 30, 2016

Trial by Fire

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Trial by fire: Female firefighters still face harassment, abuse and sexism. Plus, cats on the border, shifts in the BLM and a roadtripping lawyer.

Grizzly Face-Off May 16, 2016

Grizzly Face-Off

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What the future holds for the Yellowstone grizzly. Plus, cities sue Monsanto, the secrets of Western trees, and coal lessons from Europe.

The Gold King Reckoning May 02, 2016

The Gold King Reckoning

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The long history behind the Animas River spill. Plus, a moss mystery in Portland and environmental upset at California agencies.

A Land Divided April 04, 2016

A Land Divided

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A landmark legal ruling is starting to put the splintered pieces of Indian Country back together. Plus, a look at the small herds that could be bison's big step forward and developers aim to make money on Grand Canyon's popularity.

Making Sense of Malheur March 21, 2016

Making Sense of Malheur

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The mess at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge requires a closer look to understand the larger forces at play. Plus, a silver lining on the California drought and a snapshot of the election season.

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