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Grizzly Face-Off May 16, 2016

Grizzly Face-Off

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What the future holds for the Yellowstone grizzly. Plus, cities sue Monsanto, the secrets of Western trees, and coal lessons from Europe.

The Gold King Reckoning May 02, 2016

The Gold King Reckoning

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The long history behind the Animas River spill. Plus, a moss mystery in Portland and environmental upset at California agencies.

A Land Divided April 04, 2016

A Land Divided

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A landmark legal ruling is starting to put the splintered pieces of Indian Country back together. Plus, a look at the small herds that could be bison's big step forward and developers aim to make money on Grand Canyon's popularity.

Making Sense of Malheur March 21, 2016

Making Sense of Malheur

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The mess at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge requires a closer look to understand the larger forces at play. Plus, a silver lining on the California drought and a snapshot of the election season.

The Parks You Don't Know March 07, 2016

The Parks You Don't Know

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As the National Park Service's centennial looms, High Country News takes a trip through the West, to uncover some lesser-known parks, consider the stories they tell, and meet the people behind the scenes.

Fractured February 22, 2016


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In the West's argument over fracking, it matters less what's said than who says it. Plus, a dry future for Central Valley farming and new research into the past comes from packrat middens.

Sagebrush Insurgency February 02, 2016

Sagebrush Insurgency

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Meet the new Sagebrush insurgents, a well-connected and well-armed network of malcontents bent on delegitimizing the federal government. Plus, how a landmark water agreement fell apart, and the legal case for climate action.

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