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Purple Rain October 03, 2016

Purple Rain

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As Election Day looms, High Country News takes a look at Trump's disruptive effect. From mobilizing undocumented immigrants to unsettling Mormon Country, Trump's rhetoric is permanently recoloring Western politics.

Frontera Incognita September 19, 2016

Frontera Incognita

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In our special issue Frontera Incognita, High Country News revisits the Borderlands. The Borderlands, as our collection of stories show, means different things to different people. We explore the many relationships people have with our country's perimeter.

When the Doctor is Out September 05, 2016

When the Doctor is Out

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Why disappearing rural hospitals spell trouble for the Central Valley. In this special feature, High Country News looks at the troubled rural Western healthcare system. Plus, when to say yes to invasive plants, Alaska’s overtaxed firefighters and New Mexico’s oldest climate correspondent.

100 August 22, 2016


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The heat is rising on the National Park Service. In our special report: How climate change is altering the country's beloved parks and the agency's centennial has brought with it harsh scrutiny on issues of race and gender. Plus, nuclear power divides CA and a trip down the Grand.

Line of Descent August 08, 2016

Line of Descent

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In New Mexico, a stalemate between federal and state wildlife officials leaves the state's wolves in peril. Plus, a review of Jim Harrison's last book and a seed bank that will help researchers trace the effects of climate change.

Salmon Power July 25, 2016

Salmon Power

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How salmon has become a battleground over sovereignty for Alaska tribes. Plus, dampening Glen Canyon Dam's effects, the dangers of drones and the Northwest's new battle over logging.

The New Advocates June 27, 2016

The New Advocates

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Meet the new environmental advocates, a diverse generation of outdoor enthusiasts and activists forging their way in the conservation movement. In this special issue, eco-minded veterans, Latinos rising, and Hopi raft guides.

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