Two Weeks in the West

  • Reefer politics

    Reefer politics

    The West leads the way on medical marijuana.

  • Turnover at the top

    Many environmental groups are seeing a changing of the guard, epitomized by 38-year-old activist Mike Brune's new job as head of the Sierra Club.

  • Supreme beings

    Supreme beings

    The Supreme Court's precedent-overturning ruling allowing more corporate money in politics raises the possibility that it plans to tackle the Commerce Clause next.

  • Poltertics, 2010

    Poltertics, 2010

    "They're ba-a-ackk!": Enviro-boogeymen return from the dead as Republicans like Richard Pombo seek a comeback.

  • The EPA rides again

    The EPA rides again

    Under Lisa Jackson, the Environmental Protection Agency swings into action, much to the dismay of ranchers and industry.

  • The federal energy two-step

    The federal energy two-step

    Oil and gas companies are furious with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, but environmentalists wonder if he’ll go far enough in restraining the industry.

  • 'The West's Biggest Bully' gets his

    'The West's Biggest Bully' gets his

    Controversial right-wing "shock jock" John Stokes loses his Montana radio station in a battle over bankruptcy.

  • Frack 2, Scene 1

    Frack 2, Scene 1

    New York City fights drilling in its watershed, and even some energy executives say the industry needs to be more transparent about the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.

  • Interior scandal: Rated G(reen)

    Interior scandal: Rated G(reen)

    Recent scandals at the Interior Department – this time involving environmentalists – pale in magnitude (and luridness) compared to the agency's dalliances with industry.

  • Indians vs. Greens?

    Indians vs. Greens?

    In a controversial resolution, Hopi and Navajo politicians have told environmentalists – including grassroots Indian groups – that they are not welcome on the Rez.

  • Parties 'R' Some Of Us

    Parties 'R' Some Of Us

    Despite the economic slump, Western party-throwing companies are doing well, especially when it comes to throwing fancy weddings.

  • Our best idea

    Our best idea

    A family trip out West in 1959, when he was 9 years old, inspired Dayton Duncan to make a new documentary series with Ken Burns, called The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

  • The new Third World

    The new Third World

    While some Americans fight over healthcare reform, others line up at dawn to receive free care at a temporary clinic in Los Angeles.

  • Affirmative actions

    Three recent Obama nominations draw flak from environmentalists.

  • The same old Sen. Reid?

    The same old Sen. Reid?

    Year after year, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid has stood squarely in the path of every attempt to reform the 1872 Mining Law. Plus: The Energy Department wants to dump tons of deadly mercury, most likely in the West.