• We can have electricity, jobs and clean air

    A former Hopi chairman says that the owners of the Mohave Generating Station in Laughlin, Nev., whose smoke pollutes the air of the Hopi Reservation, have the ability and the obligation to clean up the plant without closing down.

  • ...but let's not forget about the past

    In his own words, Land Lindbergh argues that the mining industry has dominated the political process, defeated adequate standards, and needs to take responsibility for its mistakes.

  • Give the mining industry a second chance...

    In his own words, Dave Skinner argues that environmentalists exaggerate the threat from mining and that the industry is making good changes.

  • A visit with the River People of Hanford Reach

    The 60-member Wanapum Tribe has never lost its spiritual connection to Washington's Columbia River, and is now hoping to reclaim the only free-flowing stretch left - the Hanford Reach.

  • Wyoming's heroes celebrate a birthday

    At the Wyoming Outdoor Council's 30th birthday party in Lander, Wyo., founder Tom Bell is honored.

  • Excerpts from a New West dictionary

    A parody of a dictionary offers a humorous take on some of the buzzwords in the West.

  • One county's misgivings over not-so-ordinary housing

    Architect and developer Michael Reynolds runs into trouble with Taos County, N.M., over his belief that the "Earthships" he builds don't require building permits or fall under local land-use regulations.

  • At Tahoe forum, a tribe wins a deal

    Washoe Tribal Chairman Brian Wallace gains assurances from President Clinton at the forum on Lake Tahoe that the Washoe Indians have rights to Lake Tahoe land.

  • Foreman finds hope amid ecological rubble

    Environmentalist Dave Foreman, in a talk in Paonia, Colo., praises conservation biology as a way to restore the wild, but hesitates to offer on-the-ground details of the cure.

  • After 120 years, the Nez Perce come home

    The Nez Perce Indians regain Oregon land lost to them for 120 years, and decide to use it as a wildlife preserve.

  • Some hook and bullet magazines hit the mark

    A review looks at what's good and bad about the top five American hook-and-bullet magazines.

  • 'Road warriors' spread out over Utah

    A "Road Warrior" for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance tries to find and document roads claimed to exist in BLM wilderness study areas.

  • Founding father challenges his movement

    At the Western States Coalition Summit VII in Salt Lake City, cracks in the wise-use movement are revealed as the small grassroots groups and some founding members such as Chuck Cushman fear People for the West has grown too big and bureaucratic.

  • High Country Blues

    High Country Blues, an April Fool's parody, demonstrates that staff is definitely losing its mind and is probably more than a few AUMs short of a grazing allotment, as we say out here in the West.

  • Oregon's ranchers vote for survival

    A contrast between two attempts at consensus shows Oregon ranchers willing to work at compromise while their New Mexican counterparts "just say no" to any change.