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  • Rare earth deposits in the West

    Rare earth deposits in the West

  • Inspired by nature

    Inspired by nature

    Three pioneering Western scientists and inventors use biomimicry to tackle environmental problems.

  • The bald eagle paradox

    The bald eagle paradox

    What happens when the recovery of an endangered species threatens the survival of other species?

  • The other Big One

    The other Big One

    What would happen if a killer storm like the one that walloped the West in 1862 hit California today?

  • Ancient conversations

    Ancient conversations

    Archaeologist Carol Patterson works with Ute tribal elder Clifford Duncan to interpret the enigmatic patterns in Southwestern rock art.

  • Betting on the rails

    Betting on the rails

    Warren Buffett buys Burlington Northern Santa Fe, and Congress considers reforming railroad laws.

  • A cleaner coal?

    A cleaner coal?

    Proponents say that underground coal gasification could produce cleaner energy, but some environmentalists have their doubts.

  • Watts of water

    Watts of water

    Not all environmentalists believe that pumped hydroelectric storage projects are a good way to achieve more renewable energy.

  • Empty nest

    Empty nest

    Making a case for the California condor's return to the Northwest

  • Bring in the cows

    Bring in the cows

    Ecological consultant Stuart Weiss believes that carefully managed grazing could help save a rare California butterfly from extinction.

  • Coming to blows

    Coming to blows

    Tribal infighting is delaying a wind farm planned for Gray Mountain on the Navajo Reservation.

  • Conservation or cop-out?

    Conservation or cop-out?

    A lack of participation could scuttle voluntary conservation agreements designed to protect species like New Mexico’s lesser prairie chickens and sand dune lizards.

  • Canary in the old growth

    Canary in the old growth

    Public-land managers grapple with using indicator species to monitor the health of troubled ecosystems.