Dear Friends

  • See you in April!

    See you in April!

    HCN takes a printing break, and welcomes DC correspondent Elizabeth Shogren.

  • January exodus

    January exodus

    HCN’ers get into the backcountry, editor Betsy Marston sees Berlin and art director Cindy Wehling takes a trip to Hawaii.

  • Welcome, new interns!

    Welcome, new interns!

  • We’re hiring – in D.C.!

    We’re hiring – in D.C.!

    HCN needs a D.C. correspondent; visitors came to call.

  • Farewell to Theo Colborn

    Farewell to Theo Colborn

    Marking the passing of an influential environmental scientist

  • Holiday publishing break

    Holiday publishing break

    Welcome new employees, and farewell Martin Litton

  • Come to the HCN holiday open house!

    Come to the HCN holiday open house!

    Our annual open house is December 11th; cavers and consultants visit the office.

  • Flocks of visitors

    Flocks of visitors

    Readers visit from Albuquerque, Santa Fe, North Carolina and more.

  • New HCN board members, Part II

    New HCN board members, Part II

    Welcome three new members, and farewell to naturalist Ann Zwinger.

  • Goodbye Ray Ring — sort of

    Goodbye Ray Ring — sort of

    A long-time senior editor goes part-time, and HCN gains new board members.

  • An urban experience

    An urban experience

    Fall board meeting, a new employee, and another science writing award for HCN.

  • See you in October!

    See you in October!

    Skipped issue, Charles Bowden passes, and visitors to the office.

  • From paradise to Paonia

    From paradise to Paonia

    Political candidates, loyal subscribers and more.

  • An award, and a whole lot of visitors

    An award, and a whole lot of visitors

    Cally Carswell wins a Society of Environmental Journalists award; visitors come to call.

  • New kids in town

    New kids in town

    HCN has new editorial interns now reporting for and the magazine.