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  • Current Buy buy ballot

    Buy buy ballot

    Although most Nevadans seemed in favor of a hardrock mining tax increase, an initiative that proposed to do just that never made it to the ballot.

  • Perspective Not good news for the locals

    Not good news for the locals

    Afghanis might learn from history what happens to people who live above valuable minerals.

  • Feature Nevada's Golden Child

    Nevada's Golden Child

    Hardrock mining's outsized political power in Nevada may finally be eroding, thanks to state budget woes.

  • Heard Around the West

    Hot potato hunt

    Mickey D's searches for new star spud for their famous fries.

  • Letters

    A beeting

  • Letters

    Put a (GMO) tiger in your tank

  • Evidence Metalpalooza '09

    Metalpalooza '09

    Metals mining is making an unexpectedly dramatic comeback in the West.

  • Writers on the Range Phosphate mining: a toxic tradition

    Phosphate mining: a toxic tradition

    Simplot plans for a phosphate mine in southeast Idaho endanger a family's ranching lifestyle.

  • Two Weeks in the West Indians vs. Greens?

    Indians vs. Greens?

    In a controversial resolution, Hopi and Navajo politicians have told environmentalists – including grassroots Indian groups – that they are not welcome on the Rez.

  • Writers on the Range Aldo Leopold might call it the new agrarianism

    Aldo Leopold might call it the new agrarianism

    Aldo Leopold advocated many conservation methods, but perhaps most important, he advocated a land ethic.

  • Focus Audubon feathers fly in Arizona

    Audubon feathers fly in Arizona

    A controversial proposed land swap reveals the growing rift between Maricopa Audubon and a new and wealthier rival -- Audubon Arizona.

  • Current Biotech beet-down

    Biotech beet-down

    That candy bar you're eating may have been made with genetically modified beets that were illegally approved.

  • Letters

    Beef: It (should be) what's for dinner

  • Writers on the Range Parks for the people -- not profit

    Parks for the people -- not profit

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein ignored the public when she tried – and failed – to set up a special deal for a privately owned oyster company at California’s Point Reyes National Seashore.

  • Feature The dark side of dairies

    The dark side of dairies

    A combination of lax laws and poor oversight leaves dairy workers vulnerable to exploitation and on-the-job dangers.

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