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    Neighbors oppose land trade

    A proposed land swap by the Colorado State Land Board would trade the Little Cochetopa Creek School Section near Salida to a Kansas developer, a move critics say would harm elk and deer habitat and end local access.

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    Lawmaker accepts Babbitt's challenge

    In Colorado, Rep. Scott McInnis has proposed a bill to make the 130,000-acre Black Ridge Canyon a national conservation area, with 72,000 acres designated wilderness.

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    Another compromise plan falls flat

    In Utah, a huge swap of state and federal lands in the western part of the state falls through when environmentalists and anti-wilderness locals object.

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    Stirrings in the San Rafael Swell

    As increasing numbers of recreationists discover Utah's San Rafael Swell, the BLM struggles to manage the area and environmentalists, ORVers and politicians wrangle over the best way to preserve - or exploit - the land.

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    Baca Ranch buy-out has strings attached

    The deals made to get support from Sen. Pete Domenici, R-NM, for buying the Valles Caldera or Baca Ranch in northern New Mexico have some conservationists troubled that too much will be lost in the process.

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    Tug-of-war continues over trust lands

    Arizona Gov. Jane Hull's Growing Smarter Commission would preserve as open space some of the state's trust lands, but critics say those acres are undevelopable anyway, and that the plan caters to rural lawmakers.

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    Locked out of the public lands

    In Wyoming, hunters and ORVers rally to protest the way that newly arrived corporate ranchers and rich people are blocking traditional areas of access to public lands.

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    Resource Advisory Councils (RACs)

    Colorado's office of the Bureau of Land Management is seeking nominations for positions on its Resource Advisory Councils.

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    Round two for Steens Mountain development

    John and Cindy Witzel want to build a school for outfitters on the 160 acres they own on Oregon's Steens Mountain, an area also being considered for national monument status.

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    BLM signs snatched

    San Juan County, Utah, officials are removing "road closed" signs from BLM land in the Grand Gulch area, claiming ownership of the roads.

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    Buy land now, says Udall

    Rep. Mark Udall, D, is battling a Colorado Department of Resources moratorium on buying land for wildlife habitat.

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    Risks multiply for land managers

    A report by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility titled "Attacks on Federal Employees" documents a rising tide of violence against Forest Service and BLM staffers.

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    The secretary's must-do list for Western lands

    Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt has his eye on a half-dozen other BLM territories in the West that he is considering for greater protection before he leaves office.

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    'Multiple use is still the best concept'

    In his own words, ranch manager Stacy Davies says that multiple use is best for Steens Mountain.

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    'I don't want to run a different business'

    In his own words, rancher Fred Otley defends ranchers' stewardship on Steens Mountain.

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