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    ADC must go

    Two reports look at abuses in Animal Damage Control program.

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    Mushrooming business is curbed

    Forest Service develops regulations to quell violence in Northwest's booming mushroom business.

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    Suit halts coyote killings

    Lawsuit forces Idaho to cancel permit for shooting coyotes.

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    Dams spill water, salmon in Northwest

    National Marine Fisheries Service orders eight Columbia and Snake river dams to spill water to help save salmon.

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    Montana wolves can't find safe habitat

    The Sawtooth wolf pack in Montana is having trouble finding a home.

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    Sleuth says wolves are usually innocent

    Carter Niemeyer investigates so-called wolf-killed livestock and finds wolves are usually innocent.

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    Woodlot owners at risk

    Landowners risk being taken advantage of by unscrupulous private loggers.

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    It ain't Antioch

    Lance Craighead studies grizzly mating habits in Alaska.

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    Judge chastises forest plan defendant

    Option 9 Northwest forest planners violated open-meeting laws.

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    Regional wilderness bill gets a hearing

    Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (NREPA), which would establish wilderness in five Western states, has little chance of passing.

  • Opinion

    The Forest Service sells out

    In Colorado, Tom Chapman trades West Elk Wilderness inholding for land near Telluride, bilking the Forest Service of millions of dollars.

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    A forester thrives in the belly of the beast

    Len Lankford manages private Colorado forests for sustainable yield.

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    Charisma counts

    Survey shows federal recovery money goes to well-known, favored species.

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    Wildlife advocates stand firm

    Idaho Fish and Game goes against Gov. Cecil Andrus' wish and opposes Owyhee Canyon bombing range.

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    Recovery plan bearly there

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan will fail, groups say in lawsuit.

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