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    Incinerator plans go up in smoke

    Following protests by downwinder Jackson, Wyo., residents, the Department of Energy agrees to scrap nuclear-waste incineration plans at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.

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    Canaries in the Utah desert

    In "Canaries on the Rim: Living Downwind in the West," Chip Ward describes how his home of Grantsville, Utah, came to be one of the county's worst toxic dumping grounds.

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    Nuns get a windfall

    In Richardton, N.D., the nuns of Sacred Heart Monastery have installed two 100-ft. windmills.

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    Figuring out FERC

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is the little-known agency that handles hydroelectric project licensing.

  • Book Reviews

    Life near Rocky Flats

    Although the "Historical Public Exposures Studies" says public health risks from bomb-building at Rocky Flats near Denver, CO were low, Len Ackland's book, "Making a Real Killing: Rocky Flats and the Nuclear West," says risk can also mean catastrophe.

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    Court enforces a healthy environment

    The Montana Supreme Court says that the provision in the state's constitution that guarantees residents "a clean and healthful environment" protects the state's natural resources from actual, proven damage and potential harm.

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    Keeping 'em down on the High Plains

    The incestuous relationship between the oil and gas industry and the Wyoming government is finally being challenged through a state Supreme Court decision that ruled against Exxon.

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    A fresh breeze hits Western utilities

    Wind power is getting a second wind, especially on the "wind farms" of Wyoming.

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    Downwinders speak up and pay up

    Flamboyant Wyoming attorney Gerry Spence is at the head of a legal challenge to the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory's plan to build a nuclear-waste incinerator, which Wyoming residents fear could send emissions into their state.

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    The Cowboy State's next boom

    A boom in coalbed methane gas development in Wyoming's Powder River Basin could have the strange side effect of bringing more water to the surface than the ecosystem can cope with.

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    A disaster puts spotlight on pipeline safety

    The explosion of a gasoline pipeline in Bellingham, Wash., which killed three people, leads the Olympic Pipe Line Co. to withdraw its plan to build the Cross Cascade Pipeline.

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    Court puts gas in private hands

    The Supreme Court rules that coalbed methane gas in southwestern Colorado does not belong to the Southern Utes, even though the tribe owns the coal from which the methane is extracted.

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    Big Oil down the tubes?

    Environmentalists disagree over whether an oil consortium's plan to build a pipeline across the Cascades is a good thing that will reduce oil spills in the ocean, or a danger to the mountains of Washington.

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    Greens fight lonely battle near Yellowstone

    Dubois, Wyo., environmentalists are frustrated by the lack of local interest in and opposition to the Forest Service's plans to open almost 1 million acres of the Shoshone National Forest to oil and gas exploration.

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    Nuclear waste goes camping

    Rocky Flats is running out of room to store the nuclear debris that is being cleaned up on the former bomb-making factory outside Denver.

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