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Climate & Pollution

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    Flooding: Whose fault?

    Environmentalists say manmade causes such as logging and road-building contributed to flooding and landslides in the Northwest during a wet winter.

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    Utility found guilty of polluting a wilderness

    The coal-fired Hayden Power Plant is found guilty of polluting the air of the nearby Mount Zirkel Wilderness area.

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    Smog talk

    The Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission seeks public comment on five proposals to reduce smog on the Colorado Plateau.

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    Housewife from Hell bird-dogs a cleanup

    Milltown, Mont., resident Tina Reinicke-Schmaus finds her life transformed by her involvement in a Superfund project to clean up mining waste in her town.

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    When regulations are lax, s--- happens

    Malfunctioning septic systems in eastern Idaho are contaminating ground water.

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    Hazardous burning plan snuffed

    The Ash Grove Cement Company changes its mind about burning hazardous waste after citizens object.

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    As landfills tighten up, midnight dumpers spread out

    Illegal hazardous waste dumps are increasingly discovered in national forests.

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    L-P's problems mount

    The EPA indicts Louisiana-Pacific for its Olathe, Colo., waferboard plant's pollution.

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    The pendulum swings from dry to wet

    After a decade of drought, most of the West is now being drenched.

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    L-P coughs up

    Louisiana-Pacific must pay settlement to Olathe, Colorado, families who sued under Clean Air Act.

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    EPA hands off Superfund tailings to Idaho

    EPA agrees to let Idaho environmental authorities clean up tailings in Triumph.

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    Wildlife among the victims of drought

    West suffers through sixth year of drought.

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    House of Garbage

    A new house in Missoula, Mont., showcases recycled building materials.

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    Drought for the Northwest

    Drought ahead for the Northwest in summer.

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    Utah utility takes aim at Colorado air

    Deseret Generation and Transmission Cooperative wants to quadruple sulfur dioxide emissions despite objections of neighbors.

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