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Climate & Pollution

  • Current Trouble in the PRB

    Trouble in the PRB

    Environmentalists are attacking "the heart of the beast": the coal mines in Wyoming's Powder River Basin.

  • Current Burning questions about biomass

    Burning questions about biomass

    Getting energy from biomass is more complicated -- and perhaps less green -- than it seems.

  • Current

    Coal reality check

    The coal industry may be wounded, but it’s certainly not dead.

  • Uncommon Westerners 'The last word is action'

    'The last word is action'

    Colorado clean-energy activist Leslie Glustrom sees the eventual decline of coal production as a possible ally.

  • Current Solar spree

    Solar spree

    New solar energy projects are coming to California and Nevada.

  • Perspective In defense of wood heat

    In defense of wood heat

    Why not burn trees where they'll do some good -- in your woodstove?

  • Current Breathing easy

    Breathing easy

    In West Oakland, Calif., the Breathmobile fights inner city asthma.

  • Multimedia A mobile health solution

    A mobile health solution

    A day with the asthma-fighting crusaders of West Oakland, Calif.

  • Sidebar Computer model slices and dices mountain climates

    Computer model slices and dices mountain climates

    In Oregon's H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, scientists study climate patterns.

  • Feature Dancing with Climate Change

    Dancing with Climate Change

    In California's White Mountains, scientists ponder the fate of beardtongues, bristlecone pines and butterflies in a rapidly warming world.

  • Letters

    Asbestos all around us

  • Current The oil spill's upshot

    The oil spill's upshot

    The tragic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could help the environmental movement, if greens act wisely.

  • Current

    Power struggle

    The economic numbers behind coal and wind energy -- and energy efficiency -- are compared in Montana.

  • Current Sinclair flare up

    Sinclair flare up

    The Sinclair, Wyo., oil refinery has long been one of the state's most notorious polluters, but until recently, no one seemed to care.

  • Current Our dirty past, our dirty present

    Our dirty past, our dirty present

    Soon after the EPA was founded 40 years ago, it began photographing American environmental problems for its Documerica Project.

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