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High Country News has a new website!
High Country News has a new website!
How and why we’ve changed it.
How much money is a healthy ecosystem worth?
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Republicans look to Alaska in their bid to overtake the U.S. Senate.
Forest Service wields an uncommon mining law
In Idaho the agency is challenging gold mining claims in an area once slated for hydropower
Energy geeks rejoice!
Our quickie guide to trivial, extraction-related iPhone apps
Wyoming windsock you in the face!
The Cowboy state makes an ambitious bid to get California in on its wind
Lost in translation
What good are public meetings when neither the BLM nor the locals are being heard?
Public pollution data make for a less-filthy West
The EPA's annual toxics report is out. It's not perfect, but we shouldn't take it for granted.
Pipeline safety after the Yellowstone spill
New reports highlight issues in how pipelines are managed
Transmission: The missing link in the renewables revolution
Want a lot of solar and wind? Then you'll need a lot of power lines
Hello, climate change
The biggest environmental issue of our time is back on the political agenda
Designing for behavior change
How the built environment can help us conserve
Get used to the new normal
New 30-year climate normals show there's less snow now
FDA ruling on GMO salmon worries Alaska fishermen
Fast-growing farmed salmon could hurt a salmon economy already facing other threats
Target shooting on public lands: still an issue
The poorly regulated practice needs some attention
What's the rush?
Watching Blackfeet oil and gas drilling near Glacier National Park
Reorganization or regression?
When The New York Times dismantles its environmental news desk, it says something. But what?
A "tail" of two kitties: jaguars and ocelots on the comeback trail
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service must continue to help these endangered felines
Obama should look to New Mexico for conservation legacy
If Congress won't act, the president should kickstart conservation in the Rio Grande del Norte
Too much, or not enough?
Comparing fracking regulations across the country
Native women fail to find justice
Congress fails to close a loophole that allows many non-natives to get away with crimes on reservations
BLM okays controversial Nevada water pipeline
Las Vegas can pump groundwater from rural Nevada and pipe it across federal land
There ain't no app for that
The Saguache Crescent still prints every week, on a letterpress
The climate conversation
Who cares about climate change? Still too few
A royal(ty) mess
Are mining companies paying their fair share for the coal and minerals extracted from public land?
Rants from the Hill: A prospect from the singing mountain
How the Ranter rolled into the new year in a dramatic fashion
A bridge to nowhere?
The climate friendliness of natural gas comes into question, again
The wild and not so gun-loving West
The Old West was wild at times, but the notion that it was saturated with guns is false
2012 in numbers
The author tries to save the world from doom by listing important energy and climate figures
Boom, bust, yawn
How do you cover oil and gas development in an exciting way?
What's the matter with New Mexico
The Land of Enchantment's economy is in the dumps, and the fiscal cliff will hit hard
'Twas The Night Before Christmas' Environmental Impact Statement
A long overdue evaluation of the popular 1822 poem
Natural resources and the fiscal cliff
What happens to land management agencies when sequestration kicks in
Predator control ain't easy
From jaguars to wolves, a roundup of news around the West
The future of our forests
Park Williams on why warmer temperatures will debilitate Southwestern forests
Protecting the Piceance
Hunting group has plans for new type of conservation
The End is nigh (or at least it's really dry)
An update on the drought situation in the West
The name game
In which we summarize some speculation about Obama's second-term Cabinet
Dispersing the toxicity
Alaska environmental groups seek evaluation of oil dispersants' harms
West is best?
Western growth spikes while other states lag
When deer attack dogs
A cautionary tale about canine and wildlife interactions
Trouble In Mind
Spending time in the forests reveals clues of climate change
End of an era?
American paternalism is on the outs in Indian Country
A river of rain
Scientists try to predict how much water makes a landslide
Wilderness trumps sustainable agriculture in Point Reyes
Salazar shuts down Drake's Bay Oyster Company to create marine wilderness
Monumental opposition to a monumental proposal?
Outdoor industries rile Utah’s conservative pols with call to protect land around Canyonlands National Park
Rants from the Hill: Trial by jury
In which a jury of Great Basinians is put on trial
Gone hunting wolves
A roundup of this year's wolf hunt so far
A monumental danger
Arizonans try to reclaim a national monument from drug violence, trash and trafficking
Senate calls a foul on Sportsmen's Act
A bipartisan conservation bill fails to pass
Gas guzzlers
Report shows who feels most pain at the pumps
The bark beetle feedback loop
And why we shouldn't take trees for granted
Cementing demand for coal
In Southwestern Colorado a coal mine owned by a Mexican cement company thrives
Of water and dust
The latest on the Colorado River and California's Owens Lake
Money and climate
The economics of carbon capture
Water wins
U.S. and Mexico sign Colorado River deal
The war on New Mexico's water
The governor's political appointees are dismantling environmental protections
Instagram gratification
Interior's photo site captivates, with beautiful landscapes
For sale: The North Fork Valley
Controversial Colorado oil and gas leases back on the table
The future of campaign spending
Millionaires who invest locally just might win
Turning climate change talk to action
In the West, efforts to combat global warming
Computerized canyon
Grand Canyon soon to be in digital format
Much ado about mutton
Low prices cripple the sheep industry
The water project that wouldn't die
The Animas-La Plata project in southwestern Colorado nears completion, 70 years after it started
A pro-tax revolt?
The future of the West's strictest anti-tax laws hangs in the balance
The Nevada surprise
The Democrats' formidable ground game delivered Obama to the White House and a surprise seat in Congress
From coal mine to clean energy
Skiing company gets clean energy from new coalbed methane power plant
Sportsmen given credit in Montana's Dem governor win
Neither political party can take the hunter/angler vote for granted
A Western obstructionist gets obstructed
Sen. Inhofe's Bible theories won't lead environmental committee
Great minds think alike?
As like-minded people flock together, rural areas are getting redder
Pot measures pass
What's next for weed legalization in Washington and Colorado?
Sportsmen sealed reelection for Sen. Jon Tester
Montana senate race ended hinged on how well the candidates represented sportsmen
HCN's take on Western elections
You're welcome to add your observations
King Coal is still King
Peabody Energy will cut 1,000 jobs, but it is not because of hard times.
In the West, the rare earth rush is on
Companies hope to open mines in Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho
Citizen oversight fizzles in Wyoming gas patch
Beleaguered Pinedale Anticline Working Group votes to disband
Rants from the Hill: My home lake
When the most important thing in a lake is not water
The stink over SkiLink
A proposed gondola near Salt Lake stirs up a public-lands fight
Strange days
Things get weird in politics
Of coal and cows in eastern Montana
Ranchers fear water pollution and lost supply as mines expand
The money trail
A Frontline documentary gets inside a secretive Montana political group
Is the Western growth machine coming out of its coma?
Home prices show signs of recovery in Phoenix, but hopes for a return to boom times are delusional
Fecal matters
Why do we still let sewage overflow into our rivers and streams when a bad storm hits?
The carbon (spin) cycle
The University of Wyoming removes a controversial art sculpture after receiving pressure from energy industry funders
Like a rogue net
Oregon's salmon politics have taken a curious turn
Whither wilderness?
As Congress refuses to create wilderness, conservationists turn to presidential actions to help
Flight for life
A mountain rescue helicopter pilot shares his story
Endangered razorback sucker discovered in Grand Canyon
Biologists puzzle over what this means for fish
Binders full of newspaper endorsements
Newspapers are weighing in on the election. Does anyone care?
Utah tar sands project gets key go ahead
Canadian U.S. Oil Sands plans to begin mining in late 2013
Amphibian alterations
Parasite no friend for frogs
This rich Republican Mormon spreads the wealth
Marriner S. Eccles, a prominent Utah banker and businessman, helped build the foundation for the New Deal
Environment 2012
How environmental issues are playing in two important Western races
Glimpses of moderation this election season
Maybe or maybe not a trend, it's worth rooting for ...
Is the future of Western water in jeopardy?
Texas wants us to think so, but probably not
Gettin' down with cap 'n trade
California carbon trading program strict on enforcement
Bureaucracy and the birds
The Department of Justice formalizes its eagle feather policy, but conflicts remain over eagle killing
Drilling into the data
A few charts show the decline of the natural gas industry in Colorado
Putting a price tag on existence
Changes to critical habitat designations under the Endangered Species Act could have a chilling effect
BLM looks for balance
The agency has been trying to do more for conservation, but in many places energy extraction still reigns supreme
TransCanada expects your stall tactic
Delaying Keystone XL avoids the harder conversation
Some (diseases) like it hot
Some (diseases) like it hot
Outbreaks broaden the conversation on climate change
Number games
Figures get slippery in California's genetic modification labeling ballot measure
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