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High Country News has a new website!
High Country News has a new website!
How and why we’ve changed it.
How much money is a healthy ecosystem worth?
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Republicans look to Alaska in their bid to overtake the U.S. Senate.
Drones are not just for killing
An excuse to watch some cool videos, filmed from unmanned aircraft.
Big Data colonizes the West
How Internet data centers are reshaping Western communities
Colorado likely to adopt tough new rural renewable energy requirements
Astronomical rate increases unlikely to follow
Navajos double-down on coal
Urban utilities want out of the coal business. The nation’s biggest tribe wants in.
Rants from the hill: Trapping the bees
What to do when 50,000 honeybees hive up inside the walls of your house
Arizona's impending solar war
Battle lines are drawn as AZ's biggest utility threatens to axe net metering
(Still) getting the lead out
When will hunters stop poisoning condors with ammunition?
Boundary water disputes
Groups concerned with pollution on the Kootenai River turn to the International Joint Commission
Mixed messages on methane
And why you shouldn't make too much of any of them -- yet
Congress quickly fixes the wrong problem
Airport delays take priority over Indian health and education
Everett Ruess redux
A new film about the young artist-vagabond who vanished in Utah in 1934.
Living on borrowed water
Creative water leasing can help rivers through drought
Mapping your way to better health
California is a test-ground for the new field of Geomedicine
Could California lead the West on regulating fracking?
The region's original oil state weighs environmental costs and economic benefits
Two tales of one river
The good and bad news for the Colorado
Climate change, not terrorists, is the real threat to the power grid
A substation sabotage in San Jose stirs up the conspiracy theorists
Pumping the San Pedro dry?
Arizona's water board allows development, and groundwater pumping, to go forward
Uranium is no good for the Navajo
Uranium mining is neither healthy nor consistent with tribal values
High-tech canary in the copper mine
New radar technologies helped Kennecott predict huge mine landslide
In the ozone
Oil and gas drilling make it harder to breathe in Wyoming
The companies behind the curtain
BLM shares names of companies that nominated parcels for oil and gas leasing. It's a win for transparency. Sort of.
The river and the drought
A rafting trip with low water and dust storms on the San Juan River drives the dryness home
Real bears get a helping hand from Hollywood
A bear trainer helps protect habitat for wild grizzlies through his organization, Vital Ground
Black-backed woodpeckers and severe fire
Could an Endangered Species Act listing spark a national debate over wildfire?
Changing of the guard at the Department of Interior
A look back and a look ahead as Ken Salazar hands the reins to Sally Jewell.
Pipeline paradox
Americans fear climate change yet support the Keystone XL
The who, what, where and why of letting it burn
Making sense of how the Forest Service fights fire
Return to the bat cave
Forest Service reopens some caves previously closed due to white-nose bat syndrome
Feral vs. wild horses
Does the name we use really matter?
The legacy of Documerica
Remember when the government funded creativity?
How can we sustainably fund our national parks?
A second century of greatness: Part 2
‘Port Gamble Predicament’ inches toward resolution
A tribe and a former timber company get closer to a conservation deal in Washington
Is coal making a comeback?
A "symbiotic relationship" between natural gas and renewables has yet to make as much headway as hoped.
Science for the long now
Nevada climate research will inform water planning
Does oil and gas drilling cause earthquakes?
Industry experts give conflicting views on the connection
On setting aside new national monuments
Obama's on the right track with new monument designations -- but falls short of Clinton's record.
Montana's Rep. Steve Daines warms up to conservation
A conservative reaches across the aisle to support the North Fork Watershed Protection Act
Rants from the Hill: Feral child
On the triumph of nature over nurture
15 years of Mexican gray wolves: celebrate or sob?
Mexican wolves are facing a genetic crisis that threatens their long-term survival
Montana’s roadkill bill
Montana’s roadkill bill
If you think eating roadkill looks bad, you’re picking on the wrong law
Help the economy: Start a fire.
Expensive mega-fires have some economic upsides for local communities.
A second century of greatness
Part 1: Minorities and the future of national parks
Snow not falling on cedars
Forest Service helps yellow-cedar adapt to an ever-changing climate
Good news for people who love bad news
Beetle-killed trees release less CO2 than previously thought
Much ado about mud
Supreme Court vindicates timber industry in logging-road runoff case
Sovereignty and the Skywalk
Hualapai Tribe runs afoul of developers and seizes tourist attractions
Uncertain science in CA's Bay Delta
Science can help make tough water decisions, but it can't decide for us
Dangerous talk from the Capitol
There is evidence that more money does improve Indian health
USFS vs. your ability to sue them
A Supreme Court case could set a precedent for suing over forest plans
Towards a greater Canyonlands
It's time to boost federal protection in Utah
The enviros' new money man
A San Francisco billionaire goes all in to fight Keystone XL
An upside to the gun-buying frenzy
As gun sales have soared, so has wildlife restoration funding.
The West's best critter-cams
Like to watch? Remote cameras spy on owls, seals, bears and more.
To kill or not to kill?
A bill in Congress would ban horse slaughter (again)
Uranium ban rethink?
What if a ban on extraction could be used as a bargaining chip to benefit the community?
Forests test-drive collaboration
Idaho's National Forests experiment with a new USFS planning rule
Are tree-sitters felons?
An Oregon bill would up the punishment for timber protests
'We are the decider.'
Utah attempts to curb federal influence over natural resources
Fire suppression flip-flop
The Forest Service will let some fires burn, again
Grand Canyon State Park?
On witnessing yet another round of Western "public lands theater"
Energy imbalance WTF?!
A little-noticed deal could be a big deal for renewable energy in the West
Locally-grown climate conversations
An innovative reporting project brings the meaning of climate change home
Here comes the sun?
Coal plant's closure could mean renewable energy for tribes
Moose in need of a boost
Biologists ask why moose are declining in Montana and elsewhere
Living the small government dream
Will painful sequestration cuts help us rethink the role of government?
Yea or nay?
Second call for bills affecting public lands in the West
Pollinator problems
New research shows how much we rely on native bees and other pollinators.
Rants from the Hill: Upon the burning of our house
On joining a pyrotechnic American literary tradition
The timber-payment blues
Can Oregon's timber counties save themselves from ruin?
Counting--and counting on--visitors
Collecting data about public lands visitors is important bean counting.
Side effects
Google Earth shows the toll marijuana takes on the land in Northern California
Coal's gasping on the Colorado Plateau
Do agreements to shut down units at two of the West's biggest plants signal the end of the dirty fuel?
How much would you pay for clean water?
A Salt Lake City suburb decides whether to risk chemicals in its drinking water, or pay to clean it up
Man's (and livestock's) best friend
A Montana group trains dogs to keep predators and livestock out of trouble
Signs of a strong environmental agenda?
Obama’s likely EPA pick tough on climate change
The future of wolverines
Reintroduction in Colorado could give wolverines more room to roam in a warming world.
A new vision for public lands
Maybe it's time to rethink the purpose and scope of our federal lands.
The endangered species to-do list
Feds release plan for backlog of imperiled species
Delayed gratification
Megaloads opposition is having a lingering impact
The sad tale of Shiprock South
A failed development in northwestern New Mexico highlights the severe need for housing on the Navajo Nation
Want to put Western weather on the map?
Your smartphone data could help a Washington researcher predict the weather
Western States Survey says
Westerners, lawmakers at odds over natural resources
Spending money to save money
Centralization and outsourcing fail the Forest Service again
Managing Western water from space
NASA satellite helps keep space-age natural resource data flowing
The state of Indian nations
'A moment of real possibility' in Indian country
The life of brine
An unexpected link between an earthquake and a river tells of the West's struggle with salt.
Of cows and climate
Is the BLM starting to consider whether grazing exacerbates climate change?
Where the wealth is
The Census Bureau maps the Five Percent and reveals some disturbing trends.
‘It helps to be irritating’
Recent strides (and losses) in the oil and gas regulatory world underscore the importance of public engagement
Sally Jewell's Adventure of a Lifetime
The Interior Secretary nominee's background sets her apart from the vast majority of previous Secretaries. Is that good?
Bakken tech boomlet?
A handful of companies try to reduce waste from gas flaring in North Dakota
Powering down
For Montana electric utility, deregulation comes home to roost
Can the West have its own Energiewende?
Los Angeles adopts a German-like feed-in-tariff to encourage rooftop solar
Staring down the fiscal cliff
National Park Service director warns park admins to prepare for budget cuts
Mexican wolf recovery #fail
Hopes of summer mating dashed as wolf wanders too far
Views of Chu
The departing energy secretary leaves a mixed legacy
Rants from the Hill: Chicken pastorale
In which the virtues of country life turn out to be a delicious form of self delusion
Growing our gas
The renewable fuel standard has potential, but the omission of algae is a big hole
Who is writing New Mexico's water regulations?
A proposed rule to protect groundwater from copper mines suffers at the environment department's hands
A tale of two rivers
Yosemite tries to balance preservation and public desire
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